Burrito and Life

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A Journal about a “Burrito”
Raphael Zepeda’s poem “Burrito,” is one of the best works of literature we had read in class. This poem shows us that no matter what happens to you something else can be happening to another person. For example like how somebody might be happy because they have a new born baby and someone right across from them can be extremely sad because someone who is very close to them may have passed away.

This poem had reminded me of the time when I was at the hospital because my aunt was extremely sick and was about to die. I remember as I was walking out of the hospital and there was this dad who was very happy and giving everyone at the hospital cupcakes out because his wife gave birth to their first child. As I walked passed this newly made dad I realized that ones best day could another persons worst day; and then at that moment I understood the circle of life, where there is ones birth there is ones death, and vise versa.

What made this poem my favorite work of literature in this class is that no one person in this world of ours is important except the ones that are close to us. This poem puts one of the hardest concepts in our world of the circle of life into fun little poem. This poem explains to us that it does not matter where you are from or who you are at the beginning or end of your world, it will all be the same for you and the world will not stop around but will continue and grow even more.
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