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Bullying Essay Question

In text A and Text B there are a variety of different techniques displayed throughout to portray bullying. Text A is more of a personal account of bullying which includes lots more emotive language wheras Text B is more of a summary of text A, which includes more of an opinion on bullying.

Text A conveys attitudes towards bullying through lots of negative language, along with rhetorical questions to emphasise the attitudes on bullying. Gemma in Text A uses the rule of 3 to again further emphasise the negative attitudes towards bullying. She uses negatively connotated language to convey her general attitudes towards bullying.

The use of the pronoun ‘I’ is used lots within Gemma’s extract which shows a personal experience and how bullying has affected her. She also uses emotive language to create the negative feelings towards the subject. Text B however is more towards the opinions on Text A which therefore dosent contain as many intentional methods to convey the speaker’s attitudes towards bullying.

There is a small amount of adjacency pairs within Text B with the Tutor and The Students. Along with pauses for thought which is used to emphasise the opinions on the bullying subject.

Text A also uses a slight Juxta Position in how the personal stories are spoken, as there is a very negative extract first, followed by a fairly positive extract which shows what can come out of bullying – even though she was the bully – followed by the most negative extract which contains personal experiences. By doing this it further emphasises the personal experiences as it goes from having negative thoughts to positive then back to negative, this contrast is very effective for emphasis.

Text A in extract 3 contains sentences that start with the word ‘The’. This is very effective as it creates tension within the audience as they don’t know what Will is on about until he finishes it sentence. Therefore this crates more of a story type...
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