Brooklyn Cop

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Brooklyn Cop – Analysis and Evaluation Worksheet

Stanza One
1.Look at lines 1 – 4. Do you think that this is a stereotypical image of a policeman? Choose two quotes, and explain why they make you feel this way. (3)

Stereotypical – “built like a gorilla” = he is big and strong / “..but less timid” = brave Non-stereotypical – “two hieroglyphs in his face that mean trouble” = he is looking for trouble (1 mark for each quote and linked opinion)

2.Quote the line that shows that the divide between civilization and violence is only ever paper-thin. (1)

“he walks the sidewalk and the thin tissue over violence” (1 mark)

1.What technique is this? (1)

Metaphor (1 mark)

3.Consider what you learn about the cop at home. Quote a line that shows the difference between his personality at work, and that at home. Explain your answer fully, including how you feel about the character. (3)

Whilst at work, he is fearless and savage. But he loves his wife and is afraid that he might be killed in the line of duty (1 mark) - “.. when he said ‘see you babe’ to his wife, he hoped it, he truly hoped it” (1 mark). This makes us feel sorry for him because his love for his wife means he is vulnerable. (1 mark)

4.The poet changes from saying the cop is “like a gorilla” to being “a gorilla”. Explain fully how the techniques have changed, and why you think the poet does this. (2)

The poet uses a simile at the start of the poem, but towards the end of stanza one he changes the comparison to being a metaphor (1 mark). This strengthens the image and emphasises the savage, bestial and primitive nature of the cop. (1 mark)

Stanza Two
1.Think about the place names in the poem – what kind of area is he policing? (2)

The poet mentions “Phoebe’s Whamburger” and “Louie’s Place” – these sound like they might be mafia diners or places where gangsters might hang out. (2 marks for any suitable ideas with evidence)

2.Explain how the word “plunge” is...
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