Brief History of Ynwa

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Brief History of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

By: Yusuf Ismail
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In football, an anthem is surely believed to be able to represent the club spirit and also the supporters’ loyalty to the club. There are so many football clubs in the world that have the anthem of the club, one of them is Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC has an anthem named “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Its lyrics represent the resurgence from the “dark”. The lyrics also become a spirit of Liverpool FC that has accompanied the club for almost 48 years. Moreover, it inspires many people around the world to get up from the “dark”. In addition, it touches the heart of everyone who is listening to it and also makes them got gooseflesh. Furthermore, the club has some miracles because of YNWA effect. The song was successfully being a part of Liverpool FC that no other clubs have something like Liverpool FC has. It is always sung by the Liverpudlian, supporters of Liverpool FC, wherever and whenever Liverpool FC plays a game, at home or even at away match. Thus, You’ll Never Walk Alone is the Liverpool FC anthem that has a great history which is meaningful and inspiring. In 1945, YNWA was firstly played in a musical stage named “Carousel” in Broadway, New York City, US. YNWA at that time became a show tune that was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II together with two other songs; “If I Loved You” and “June Is Busting Out All Over.” They are the creators of YNWA, Rodgers as the creator of the music and Hammerstein as the creator of the lyrics. Moreover, the singer who firstly sang YNWA was Christine Johnson in Broadway on April 19th, 1945. The lyrics of the song were so meaningful. “You’ll Never Walk Alone means you do not walk alone or it can also mean you are not alone. It means that everyone listening to it and they have problems, they will not walk alone. The lyrics “when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid...
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