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The Illuminati’s

Proposal To

Janson Electricals


Web Based Customized ERP Solution

April 25, 2012

The Illuminati
‘Sahjivan Towers’,
Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai 411016, India.
Phone: +91-22-2529-8911 Fax: +91-22-2529-8912

Change History

Version| Changes| Date| Comments|
V 0.1| All| 20/4/2012| Initial draft|
Vo.2| Add functionality| 25/4/2012| Revised|
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Table of Contents
Change History2
1 Introduction4
1.1 Purpose4
1.2 References4
2 Terms and Acronyms4
3 Scope5
3.1 In Scope5
3.2 Out of Scope5
4 Business Requirements5
4.1 Product Overview5
4.2 Functional Requirements6
Sequence diagram for Admin as follows:-7
Sequence diagram for Warehouse Admin as follows:-8
Sequence diagram for Dealer as follows:-9
4.2.1 Web portal for hosting web pages9
4.3 Non Functional Requirements10
5 Proposed Solution10
5.1 High Level Architecture10
6 Process Deployment12
7 Effort Estimate13
8 Risk Assessment14
9 Hardware and Software14
10 Communication Plans16



The purpose of this document is to detail out the problem statement and highlight the solution proposed. The document will also cover the technology stack, effort estimates as well as the timelines which would be needed to execute this project.

Janson Electricals is a brand name in the electrical market of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The company is head quartered in Mumbai with its branches in Mumbai and Indore. The illuminati will develop ERP system for Janson Electricals this will allow end users to view products online and place orders.

The scope of this document is restricted understanding the pain points, providing a solution and effort estimates of the application. This is an end to end technical proposal and not a technical requirement specification or design document.


1. Approach note.
2. Discussions and inputs from Mr. Gupta from Janson Electricals. 3. Subsequent meeting with Janson Electricals to understand the business scenarios and the pain points.

Terms and Acronyms
UI-User interface
HRMS-human resource management system
OS- operating system
RDBMS- relationship data management system
GUI- Graphic user interface

This section describes the objectives to be achieved by this project. This includes functional and non-functional requirements. The requirements are based upon early discussions with Janson Electricals team.

In Scope

The areas in scope for this project are as outlined below:
* Web portal for hosting the pages
* Implementation of the Workflows
* Performance in terms of scalability as detailed later
* Test the complete setup
* Deployment support
* Technical and project management documentation
Out of Scope

* UI of the product would not be localized. The English version of the product will be tested on English OS. Other languages would be out of scope for first release. * Integration with existing applications such as Payroll & HRMS is not accounted for in the current release. * FAQ’s and “How To” guide will not be provided.

* End user training is currently out of scope and can be estimated at a later phase.
Business Requirements
This section provides high-level description of the end product followed by description of functional and non-functional requirements Product Overview
The final product would be aimed at catering to the different segments of users such as Admin, Warehouse admin and end clients. The manual process of a client physically visiting the site to check for new items/stock availability/placing an order etc would be replaced by an automated web based client server application.

Following are some of the salient points which the application would serve: * Posting...
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