Branding Bangladesh

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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A report on

Sources of Brand Equity in Nation Branding:

The Case of Bangladesh


Sources of Brand Equity in Nation Branding

Course Name: Product & Brand Management

Course number: 411

Submitted to:

Rafiuddin Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing

University of Dhaka

Submitted by:


BBA, 16th batch, Section-B

Department of Marketing

University of Dhaka

Date of submission: May 11, 2013

Group Name- Brainstormers

Group Members

Names Roll No.

Tahsib Ahmed 08

Md.Roman Al Mamon 60

Shuvashish Dey 102

Mousumi Paul 114

Shiuly Akhter 128

Sayma Sharmen 144

Rafiuddin Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing

University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of a report.

Dear Sir,

With due regards we state that we are very thankful to you as you have assigned us this report on “Nation Branding”. It is a great opportunity for us to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about brand management. We have tried our best to gather what we believe to be the most complete information available. Your kind acceptance and any type of appreciation would surely inspire us. We would always be available and ready to explain further any of the contexts whenever asked.

Sincerely yours,

Members of the Brainstormers


Any comprehensive work such as report making owes credit to multitude of people. Certainly, we should acknowledge the contributions of the pioneers in the field of marketing & branding, especially those whose teachings have become a part of our thinking.

First we commit ourselves grateful to almighty Allah who gives us power and knowledge to complete the report. Then we acknowledge our honorable course teacher Rafiuddin Ahmed; who has opened the door of knowledge in front of us. Through the whole semester he has broaden our outlook in Pricing and related sector.

Next we acknowledge the Writer of the book who has helped a lot by writing a core book on: Strategic Brand Management (3rd Edition)

-Kevin Lane Keller

Without the direct and indirect support of these dear people this report would not exist.


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