Brand Personality

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Consumer Behaviour

Brand Personality:
Red Bull

Red bull has become one of the largest most profitable companies on the planet. One might ask how an energy drink company could become so big. The answer to that question is through an effective brand personality. Red bull began as a company in Thailand, and once entrepreneurs realized the potential opportunity it exploded. As of recently, Red Bull has gotten its name into just about every sport there is. Their niche is extreme sports and events but they also are involved in traditional team sports as well. To give a general sense of just how wide spread their reach is, we will take a look at just some of the sports and events they sponsor. The list is as follows:

* New York Red Bull
* MLS soccer team
* Red Bull Crushed Ice:
* Downhill ice skating race
* Red Bull Racing:
* Formula One racing
* Red Bull’s “McConkey” Documentary:
* Famous Skier/Base Jumper Documentary
* Red Bull Rampage Utah
* Mountain biking competition
* Red Bull Winch Sessions
* Abstract Wakeboarding and snowboarding locations
* Red Bull Art of Motion
* Freerunning competition
* Red Bull Stratos
* Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking jump from 128,000 feet * Travis Rice’s: The Art of Flight
* Snowboard documentary funded by Red Bull

This list goes on. Just by these few examples there’s no question that Red Bull has developed a world famous brand personality, for being the leader in sports innovations. They have continually pushed the envelope when it comes to extreme activities. Using Felix Baumgartner’s jump as a primary example, Red Bull, not NASA, sent a man 128K feet to test the possibility of a human entering the atmosphere. Felix’s jump set records including highest (128K feet) and fastest (1342km/h – breaking the sound barrier) free fall ever. This recent event portrays Red Bull’s personality perfectly and just how creative and...
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