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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Sydney has always had a love for bottlenose dolphins and was interested in marine biology so in the summer of 2009 Sydney attended Girl Scout sleep away camp to get certified for open water Scuba diving. The following summer our girl spent six weeks in Taiwan at the university of Tamking , Taipei for an emersion program that was attended by teenagers from across the states, and from around the globe. The program was taught entirely in Mandarin focusing on written characters, pronunciation, Chinese culture and the arts. Sydney enjoyed the independence, culture, food and the weekly day trips and the new found friendships. Sydney still maintains those friendships and is eager to meet up with one of her girlfriends that she met that summer next year in Washington D.C. As a sophomore Sydney took photography and earned her certificate to be a lifeguard. Sydney was able to gain employment at a local pool for the summer as a lifeguard. Sydney used her earnings that summer to purchase herself a laptop, a cell phone and a Nikon camera, lenses and accessories. Sydney took more photography classes in her junior year and has developed an impressive port folio of work. Some of her photos grace the walls of Strath Haven HS. Photography has allowed our Sydney to view her world through an artist’s eye; she was recognized by her photo instructor with an award for photography last year. May 6th 2012 Sydney was a volunteer bicycle marshal for the great five borough bike tour in New York City. It is the biggest single day bicycle event in the U.S. that is capped at 30,000 riders. As a volunteer she had to report to Battery Park in lower Manhattan for a 5:00 am check in. Then assist the 30,000 riders at the start with directions and any information pertaining to the ride and any general inquiries. Then we rode with the tour through the traffic free streets of Manhattan and the four outer boroughs, assisting riders with bicycle repair, traffic and crowd control, and to report and assist as needed in the event of an accident or injury. What was remarkable is not the fact that she has participated annually as a volunteer unofficially since she was two years of age. Or that Sydney completed the 42 plus mile ride solo for the first time (we have rode the tour together on a tandem a number of times.) What impressed me was the determination, persistence and perseverance she demonstrated that hot and sunny Sunday. Despite strong head winds and menstrual cramps she was suffering that day she opted not to cut the tour short at the Brooklyn Bridge but to complete the tour. Sydney pedaled with tears in her eyes much of the BQE but refused to stop, as we scaled the Verrazano Bridge we walked our bikes for a bit but she was the first one back on her bike and into Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. After a short break and some picture taking of the fort, Lower Manhattan and New York harbor. Sydney declined a lift to the ferry; instead we mounted our bikes and pushed on to the Staten Island ferry that would return us to lower Manhattan. As uncomfortable as she was for much of the day Sydney never complained. Sydney attended school the next day as she dislikes missing a day of school. 2) Sydney’s experiences during her 2010 summer in Taiwan have profoundly altered and positively affected her attitude and outlook as a teenager. Prior to her journey she was spending too many hours playing frivolous games on social networks and was not developing new friendships at Strath Haven and in her new neighborhood of Wallingford. The young teenager that traveled to Asia and back by herself returned energized, invigorated, and so impressed with Taiwan that she initially urged us to move there. This period of growth was remarkable, Sydney was engaging, more vocal, confident, excited and enthusiastic and eager to use her new vocabulary and share much of her experiences in Asia. Our normally quiet, observant, reserved, shy girl had partially coloured her hair, pierced...
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