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Marketing Management
Question 1 : Take your corporate brand or brand of any product / service that your organization offers. What is the promise of the above brand ? Also identify the brand elements and their role in building brand equity.

Answer :


A brand is a name, term , sign, symbol, design, or some combination of these elements intended identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. The different component of brand - Brand name, logos, symbols, package designs and so on are the brand elements.

BPCL Corporate brand goes with two words “ENERGISING LIVES”. [pic]

The core values of the BPCL brand are Innovation, Care and Reliability. While BPCL as a company has been constantly innovating and have made some pioneering efforts in every field, many more innovations have been planned for the future.

Petroleum products touch lives in multifarious ways viz. energizing two wheelers that ride down narrow lanes to fuelling aircrafts that cut across skies making distances closer, from lighting homes in remote places to illuminating modern ones, from charging industrial furnaces to lubricating a labyrinth of gears, from providing cooking gas to homes to fuelling industries with cleaner fuel. The list is endless and over billions of lives globally are energized by petroleum products in one form or the other. Playing a pivotal role in energizing Indian lives is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL).

BPCL marks its strong presence as a totally integrated company across the entire petroleum value chain. A recent Brand Equity study shows that in the petroleum category, customers have a positive outlook to companies perceived to be innovative and that none of the Oil companies have assumed that position so far. The message through this communication would be that BPCL 'energizes Lives' through innovations

BPCL Corporate brand relates to all the products it is marketing. Till 1998, BPCL products were being marketed under the same brand with not much differentiation. In 1998, a detailed study centered on meeting customer expectations resulted in formation of Strategic Business Unit. Formation of SBUs gave birth of different brands centering on the product respective SBUs were marketing. Some of these SBUs and products are listed below: • Retail – SBU looks after marketing of MS, HSD

o Retail outlets : Pure for Sure,

o Premium fuels: Speed brands of Petrol & Diesel

o Loyalty Cards : Petro bonus & smart fleet

o Customer convenience : In & Out and Ghar

• LPG – SBU looks after LPG marketing

o Domestic and Industrial : Bharatgas

o Cutting gas : BMCG

• Lubricant -

o MAK lubricants

All the above offerings to customers in terms of product and services were identified with suitable logos and well received by the market.

BHARATGAS BRAND : I am working in LPG business unit and currently posted as Territory Manager LPG, Bareilly. I am the overall in-charge for all activities related to Bharatgas viz Plant operations, sales and marketing, network expansion, customer satisfaction, creating value through Brand Bharatgas , interaction with public and boundary management in part of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand states. For further discussion and brand promises, brand elements and building brand equity I am taking Brand Bharatgas which is being produced below :

Bharatgas from Bharat Petroleum has dominated the LP Gas market in India and is having 25% market share. Today over 30 million homes in India, wake up each morning to enjoy the cup that cheers prepared on Bharatgas. Similarly, hundreds of commercial and industrial establishments start their day, confident and secure, having entrusted their LP Gas needs to Bharat Petroleum.

Deriving strength from the core values of being...
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