Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Analysis

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Chapter 8
- William is starving, so is Khamba, so they decide to go out and attempt to hunt - William comments on the tall maize fields that will soon end the starving - Because no food, William uses ash for bait in his bird catch trap. They don’t end up catching anything - Soon Khamba is starving so bad his friends suggest William put the dog out of its misery, then they insist - William and Charity tie Khamba to a tree and leave him. The next day they go to check to see if dead and sure enough khamba is dead - Cholera sweeps through the district

- Geofferey gets really sick from anemia
- hunger/starvation really difficult on the family. Williams dad loses a lot of weight, begins weighing himself each day - Williams dad refuses to eat to feed the others.
- Sister gets Malaria, but pulls through
- Family barely makes it by, by selling tobacco at very low prices because they are forced to trade - Finally maize is ready to eat as Dowe, pumpkins also ready to eat - Familys crops gets picked on by thieves

Chapter 9
- School picks up but William still cant afford to go, so he begins reading a lot at the library. Tries to catch up with school kids - Introduced to Malawi jr science book, sparks curiousity about science, how things work - Understands by looking at diagrams/deciphering English

- Eventually reading physics books more complicated that those of his classmates - Fascinated with magnets and electricity (AC vs DC)
- Stumbles upon book called “Using Energy” with a windmill on the cover - Begins to understand the process of how windmills produce energy
> realizes that this could greatly held his family
- So he decides to make a practice model windmill first before actually trying to make the big one - Has difficulty finding a dynamo/generator for the project, but eventually uses a radio dynamo - They experiment using and old radio and it works.

- Next he starts looking for the parts to create his real windmill, looking in the scrapyard. Things on the up and up

Chapter 10
- Second school term approaches, able to attend until the grace period of no fees is up - After the grace period William starts sneaking into class
- his father arranges for William to be admitted for another 3 weeks to give them time to collect the fee money - Williams father tries to come up with enough money from the tobacco harvest, but cannot, and once again, William is no longer allowed at school - “I couldn’t look him in the eyes. Whenever I did I saw the rest of my life.”

> William referring to his father after being told he cant send him to school - The harvest of maize is ready and brings a bountiful crop to the village - Feeling bad about William not being able to go to school guilted his dad into allowing him to not work on the fields, and instead focus on the windmill - Begins to fall in love with scrap yard and physics

- People begin to think William is crazy as news spreads in town of Williams endeavor - One day a man with a bicycle dynamo rides by and Gilbert buys it with money his dad had given him, for William

>this was the last major piece of the puzzle, William very grateful because it was expensive Chpt 11-
-William goes to work finishing the assembly of the windmill because he isn’t in school or in the fields
> Everyone thinks he’s crazy
- William finishes the windmill, then puts it on a bamboo temporary pole to test it
> When him and Geoffrey test it on temporary tower, the blades spin so fast chain rips in half and the pole nearly tips over
> Then decides to fix chain and test voltage on fathers radio, which breaks the radio - Geoffrey Gilbert and William build real tower in one day
>16ft tall
> Cut down blum gum tree in forest to supply wood for tower - The next day the three used Williams moms clothesline as a pulley system to hoist the windmill onto the tower they constructed

> After they secure it, people from the market immediately wander...
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