Boscastle Case Study - Geography

Topics: Flood, Weather, Weather hazards Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Case study – Boscastle flash flood
* Afternoon – Monday 16th August
* 200mm rain fell in 24 hours – most in 5 hours
* Average for whole of Boscastle in August – 75mm
* Water poured down steep-sided valley slopes and swelled normal * Water poured down steep-sided valley slopes and swelled normally small River Valency flowing towards harbour = burst its banks. * Effects –

* Nobody was killed
* 58 buildings flooded, some had to be demolished
* 25 business properties destroyed
* 84 wrecked cars recovered from harbour and a further 32 lost * Cost of damage – approx £15m
* Many ppl traumatised by the event and suffered increased levels of stress * Months that followed – buildings dried out using dehumidifiers and fans and building took place. Local businesses lost much of their income. * By summer 2005 several shops and businesses had reopened and tourist had returned. * Planning for the future – The Met Office has a three-tier system of warnings: * Advisory of severe or extreme weather. These are issued well in advance of a potential period of severe or extreme weather. A traffic light system is used (yellow: be aware; amber: be prepared; red: take action) to warn ppl living in areas of UK deemed to be at risk. * Early warnings of severe or extreme weather are issued when there is a 60% or greater confidence that severe weather will occur. * A flash warning of severe or extreme weather is issued when there is an 80% or greater confidence that an extreme event will occur in the next few hours. * Met Office identifies the areas at risk, level of risk and likely duration at each level. * The Environment Agency is the UK government’s body with responsibility for flood management. A telephone Floodline offers warnings, help and advice to ppl. * Ppl can identify “at-risk” areas based on individual postcodes from the Environment Agency’s website. * Boscastle flood event = 1-in-400-year event.

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