Book Report: Call of the Wild

Topics: Dog, Sled dog, Siberian Husky Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: November 8, 2012
The Call of the Wild
Jack London

Life is good for Buck in Santa Clara Valley where he spends his days and nights including eating and sleeping in the golden sunshine.

The Main Dogs
* Buck –a proud and powerful dog, half St Bernard and half shepherd dog, who begins life on a comfortable Californian estate as a family pet, yet soon changes when he is stolen and sold to work as a sled dog in the frozen North. * Spitz- Buck’s archrival and original leader of Francois’ dog team. A fierce, treacherous, husky, Spitz is used to fighting with other dogs and winning. * Dave- a hardworking dog who runs behind Buck in the team and ‘teaches’ Buck by nipping him to correct his mistake. Dave is a gritty, determined dog who prefers to keep himself to himself. * Sol-leks- an older, more experienced dog with only one eye, who lives only to pull the sled. * Curly-Buck’s friend, Curly is a friendly but naïve Newfoundland, who is killed by Spitz. * Billee-a good-natured husky, half-brother to Joe.

* Joe-opposite in nature to Billee, Joe is sour and unfriendly, with a perpetual snarl. * Dolly-suddenly goes mad on the trail and attacks the other dogs. * Pike-a sly, clever dog, who shows Buck how to steal.

* Dub-often made a scapegoat, since, whenever anything goes wrong, Dub gets the blame. The Main People
* Judge Miller –Buck’s original master, the owner of a large estate in California’s Santa Clara Valley. * Manuel-a gardener’s helper on Judge Miller’s estate. Manuel steals Buck and sells him in order to pay off his gambling debts. * Mercades and Charles –husband and wife. They are inexperienced in the ways of dog sledding. * Hal- Mercedes’ arrogant brother who badly mistreats dogs. * John Thornton- Buck’s final master who is strict in disciplining. * Francois- a French Canadian mail driver who buys Buck and adds him into the team. * Perrault- a French Canadian turns Buck into a...
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