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6. One human resource manager recently got a thank you not on her iPhone that said “Thx 4 the Iview! Wud * to wrk 4 u!!! J” The manager had liked the candidate’s interview, but after getting the note, she put him in the reject pile. Do you think it was fair for the manager to automatically reject the candidate? Should “textspeak” be considered acceptable workplace communication? Discuss.

Nowadays, technology brings out the best and worst in each of us. When using smart phones and social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, people find it hard to turn off the “non-professional” side of their social life. These applications that are now available on smart phones such as texspeak are fun applications which are to be used with friends and family only because they are supposed to make social interactions “fun.” The word to take out is “fun” because any application that takes words and abbreviates them to not make sense in a normal sentence is considered to be unprofessional.

In my eyes, I think what the manager did was the right thing to do in any professional business environment. Even though the interview went great, what if they were to later send an email out like that to the boss of the company? Someone would have to answer that and it would be the manager that hired that individual. I wouldn’t want to be that individual. Who in the right mind would send a message by phone to an interviewer in the first place? In my business writing course we were told to write or email a letter to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview for the position. Everything in the letter is spelled out completely and there are no abbreviations. I think that almost any manager today would have done the same thing as this manager because for one most wouldn’t understand what that message said if they didn’t already know the application program.
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