Blood Relations Notes

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Pages: 5 (900 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Blood Relations Notes
* Make us feel sympathy for Lizzie
* Actress (Nance O’Neil) was believed by Emma to have a bad reputation for Lizzie * 6 years after Jekyll and Hyde

* Major Theme – Oct 25
* Identity + identification (sympathy)
* “What goes around comes around” **MAJOR THEME
* Circularity + repetition + reciprocity
* Justice
* Criticism of how the domestic is overlooks
* Gender/social expectations and critique
* Related to how the laundry is overlooked and not important * Ambiguity and challenging youth
* Juxtaposition
* Freedom + trapped – carousel and mask
* Appearance on reality – carousel and mask
* Childhood vs. adulthood – carousel and mask
* Masculine vs. feminine
* Family
* Identity
* How domestic is overlooked
* Gender expectations
* Relationship between family
* Lizzie and her father
* Effectiveness of readers
* How we judge the characters
* Theme: - Oct 18
* Have juxtapositioning
* between theme of family and isolation
* masculine vs. feminine
* Family
* Love-Hate (for Father and Emma)
* What family can do
* Influence of parents on their children
* Stereotypical family
* Aggressive father (who favors one child)
* Evil stepmother
* “good” girl
* Pollock’s emphasis creates friction between Emma and Lizzie that is somewhat artificial (no specific evidence that they had that tension) * Partially fictional because Emma always supported Lizzie * “bad” girl

* Isolation and Desperation (direct proportional between these two) * Largely responsible for creating the sympathy for Lizzie * Desire for independence
* Critique of gender roles and societal expectations * She wanted to be more independent and her father wouldn’t let her. * See Lizzie as victim and villain (Pollock want Lizzie to be seen more as a victim) * Appearance vs. Reality

* We’re looking from a point where the Actress is trying to be Lizzie and what she thinks what happened * From Actress’s interpretation of what happened * In terms of reputations as well

* Communication and silence and secrets (ties closely to family and isolation) * Creates further isolation between family due to secretes * Collage:
* Actual fact
* Heresay, rumour and gossip
* Real characters out of context (Emma, Harry Wingate changed) * Made up details and characters (Pigeons, Dr. Patrick) Lizzie| Emma|
* *Different than most girls * +Very strong-willed * *+Daddy’s girl * +Selfish * *Anxious (scared) * +Out spoken * Loves animals * Capable of caring and compassion * +Manipulative * +Territorial * *Unhappy * +Self-righteous * **She feels trapped/powerless * **She is ignored more she wants attention * * **Isolated (brings this onto herself) * Lizzie is a stereotypical bully * She doesn’t feel good enough to deserve love and affection from her father, so she acts out and demands love because of fear * Incredibly vulnerable | * Prevents father from giving in to Lizzie * Doesn’t insist on her right to be heard, and power * Constantly struggling for power but doesn’t want power * “good girl” * | *feels sorry for her. **important points. */** lack of power and control. +associated with power and control. * “Daddy’s girl” can be both. Her desire to be powerful is impeded by her father. But she also wants him to be happy. * He is most happy when she gives up her power. But she wants him to be happy so she gives up her power * Trapped, selfish and vulnerable are the most important characteristics *...
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