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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Blood Quiz
1. The most abundant leukocytes are _____.
a. Basophils
b. Monocytes
c. Lymphocytes
d. Neutrophils – ANS
2. Platelet formation is regulated by ______.
e. Interleukin-2
f. Thrombopoietin - ANS
g. Plasmin
h. Erythropoietin
3. In a centrifuged sample of blood, what makes up the buffy coat? i. Plasma
j. WBC and platelets - ANS
k. RBC
l. Platelets only
4. What is hematocrit a measure of?
Hematocrit is the percententage of …
m. Formed elements in a whole blood sample
n. Leukocytes and platelets in a whole blood sample
o. Erythrocytes in a whole blood sample - ANS
p. Plasma in a whole blood sample
5. What part of the pathway to produce platelets is shared with other formed elements? q. Hematopoietic stem cell (hemocytoblast) - ANS
r. Megakaryoblast
s. Lymphoid stem cell
t. Reticulocyte
6. Specifically, what is the production of red blood cells called? u. Leukopoiesis
v. Erythropoiesis - ANS
w. Hemostasis
x. Thalassemia
7. From which cell do the granulocytes descend?
y. Monoblast
z. Promonocyte
{. Myeloblast - ANS
|. Lymphoid stem cell
8. What do the lymphoid stem cells give rise to?
}. Monocytes
~. Erythocytes
. Lymphocytes - ANS
. Granulocytes
9. What part of the body does erythropoietin (EPO) target to increase erythropoiesis? . Bone marrow - ANS
. Kidneys
. Lungs
. Liver
10. How many oxygen molecules can be transported by one hemoglobin molecule? . Two
. Four - ANS
. Eight
11. When we take anti-histamines, we are countering the effects of which type of leykocyte? . Basophils - ANS
. Eosinophils
. Neutrophils
. Lymphocytes
12. Which plasma constituent is the main contributor to osmotic pressure? . Alpha gobulins...
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