Blood and Guts

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Bodybuilding Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The book that has had the most influence over my life was written by a professional body builder, a six time Mr. Olympian, Dorian Yates called Blood and Guts. My dad passed away at 39 years old due to heart issues and I told myself right then that was never going to be me. I grew up playing sports, but so did my dad so I knew I needed to do more to make sure I was around to be an old man. I heard about this book when I was looking up nutritional information so I ended up buying it. It is a very motivational book about how Dorian Yates started out as a troubled teen and how he found his way into body building. Inside the book is some of the very best nutritional information on how to eat and eat healthy along with how Dorian Yates trained. Mr. Yates believed in a very high intensity workout but very low volume training so your body would have an appropriate time to recover along with eating certain meals at certain times. I have basically lived by this book for the last 15 years and now that I am in my 30s I am healthier then when I was a kid. This book gave me the knowledge and motivation to ensure I stayed healthy and was around for a long time, and if I ever feel like I am lacking motivation I know I can pick this book back up read a chapter or two be ready to go to the gym lift hard and come home and eat right.
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