Biz Cafe Reflections

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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My Biz Café Simulation Learning Experience

Davenport University


This paper will cover a reflection of my experience with the Biz Café simulation. After reading this paper, one should have an idea of what I learned from the simulation and how it works. I will be talking about the challenges my team and I dealt with and how we overcame these challenges. Most importantly, I will be talking about how we made Coffee Connection run as a successful coffee shop. In this paper, I will also discuss my thoughts on teamwork and the significant factors of running a small business.

My Biz Café Simulation Learning Experience
Taking part in the Biz Café simulation has been one of the most motivating, enjoyable and enriching learning tools that I have ever been given the opportunity to utilize. It actually gives you the surreal feeling that you are really running your own coffee shop business. I appreciate the creativeness of the simulation and the fact that it provided a fun, delightful educational experience for me. Biz Café has allowed me to become familiar with the significant factors of successfully starting and running a small business. Some of the significant factors include management, marketing, operational and accounting decisions. The Biz Café simulation provided hands-on experience that allowed my group members and I to make the imperative business decisions that contribute to the making or breaking of a business. Overall, I have certainly developed a better understanding of the management of a small business and what it possibly feels like to become an owner. Having the opportunity to start and run a simulated coffee shop from a practical standpoint, I have been able to broaden and strengthen my knowledge of the day-to-day operational functions of a small business. With the help of my team, we were able to make the careful decisions needed in order to run as a successful coffee shop business. Coffee Connection

In the start-up decisions, the...
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