Birdsong Table

Topics: Feeling, Thought, Garibaldi Lake Volcanic Field Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: January 8, 2013
d Character| Evidence| Victory | Defeat|
Stephen| ‘She said nothing to Stephen’‘He lay and stared at the night beyond the window. He felt himself grow cold.’| He finally has Isabelle all to himself.| He loses Isabelle, loses his job and has a child he doesn’t know about.| Berard| ‘He gave a glance of complicity to Berard, who chuckled.’‘Azaire took over in the stern from Berard, who sat perspiring next to his wife.’| He thinks he knows all about Azaire and Isabelle.He is pompous and in control.Dominant male.| He gets too hot and breaks the barrier of being dominant male. The fact he probably did not know it was Azaire that could not perform highlights that he doesn’t know as much as he thinks. | Lisette| ‘Lisette glowed with pleasure...’‘Lisette had frozen at his touch; it seemed to have frightened her.’| Lisette receives the carving off Stephen and thinks its a sign he likes her.| She loses not only her stepmother but her mother too.She thought she was older than she was when she felt attracted to Stephen by the lake instead it scared her.| Isabelle| ‘...led Stephen out into the night.’‘’I feel we have gone too far and i must turn back.’| She gets out of an abusive relationship.Gains a child fulfilling her life.| Goes from being rich to having hardly anything.Ends up leaving Stephen.Hides the child from its father.| Azaire| ‘‘But the strangest thing about this woman was that she was married to the owner of a factory’ Azaire paused and looked around the table.’ – Here he is playing a game the repetition of the word strange highlights that he is probably feeling very pleased with him.| The idea of Azaire thinking he finally has gained power over Isabelle.He is able to be in control for a brief moment.| He looks a pathetic person ‘There was a dribble of wine on his chin’ – Pathetic imagery.He loses Isabelle and someone to look after him and the children.|
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