Bipolar Disorder in Islam

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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DESPITE EVERYTHING I ALWAYS KNEW THAT I CAME BACK FOR A REASON. Make it a religious obligation like salah.
When I’m reminded that I need to take my pills because it’s fardh, I can handle the sideeffects and all the stigma attached to taking pills for my “craziness.”...

If your pancreas couldn’t produce insulin, you wouldn’t have much trouble accepting the deficiency and then taking the necessary meds or treatment.
Well, think of your brain in the same way. Right now your mind is not in balance. It is missing certain chemicals that control your mood. And you are simply taking meds to fix the balance of chemicals.

Blame no one for the Bipolar. It’s not your fault that you got sick. As Randy Pausch says, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." You are simply being tested with this illness. Some people have high cholesterol, some have diabetes and some have a missing leg. It’s all a test from Allah. And no one is spared from it. This test is here to bring out the best in us.

Accept Bipolar as one of your tests from Allah. This will distance you from the disorder and make you see it for what really is: an illness. Once you separate yourself from the illness, you will start to detach yourself from the illness.

. Being sent to the hospital doesn’t mean no one cares for you; it doesn’t mean you have failed. A hospitalization can often be the best thing during a severe mania episode.

, look at the hyper sexuality objectively. See it as part of the disorder and not as your personality. Look for the good in it. As one Prophet passed the donkey’s carcass, all his companions commented on its ugliness. But he praised it for its white teeth.

During depression, your
brain is low on the hormone that makes you feel good. That is why you are feeling down. It has nothing to do with what kind of a Muslim you are and how much you pray or don’t pray

You must see depression as a disease, with a biological cause that...
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