Biology Virtual Lab- Parts of a Flower

Topics: Flower, Pollination, Pollen Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Parts of the Flower

Name of Flower Part| Description|
Anther| Tip of the stamen that produces pollen containing sperm| Filament| Slender stalklike part of the stamer that supports the anther| Ovary| Swollen base of the pistil that contains the ovules| Ovule| eggs that develop into seeds after they are fertilized| Petals| Colorful leaflike parts that attract insects and other animals for pollination| Pistil| Structure that contains the female reproductive organs| Sepals| Leaflike parts that enclose flower during bud stage| Stamen| Pollen producing part of a flower, consisting of a stalk and filament (male reproductive organs)| Stigma| Sticky tip of the pistil where pollen grains land| Style| Stalklike part of the pistil that connects the stigma to the ovary|

1. Which parts of the flowers are important in pollination? Describe their role in the process.

Pollen is produced in the stamen. Pollination occurs when that pollen is transported from the anther to the style by insects or animals that are attracted to the plant by the beautiful petals of the flower.

2. Which parts of the flower are involved in fertilization and fruit development?

Fertilization starts after pollination has occurred, and begins inside the pistils. The ovule contained inside the ovary is fertilized and the ovule begins to harden and form into a seed to protect the embryo until it begins to grow into a new plant. The embryo grows inside the ovule and then develops into a fruit.

3. Many types of flowers produce fruits that are fragrant and sweet tasting. Describe how these characteristics of fruits may be important for dispersal.

These types of fruits could be more appealing to animals that depend on plants for food. These animals then begin to remember these particular flowers for their fruit, and recognize them in other areas, which may allow that particular flower to grow in another location.

4. Many types of flowers are...
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