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Topics: Bacteria, DNA, Intron Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Damian Niebler
Period 05
March 7, 2013

Topic F (Chapter 12)

a. The outside the target with:
I. The lowest TB cure rate – Malawi
II. The highest TB cure rate – Mauritius
b. Percentage of all cases of TB in Benin that are cured is -40 positive negative 2%. c. Two reasons why countries should aim to be in the target zone: • High detection rate combined with high cure rate slows down spread of TB • High detection rate combined with high cure rate has positive effect on general health of the population • High cure rate above 85% is essential for reducing pool of infectious people • High detection rate will help prevent of TB

2. Methane is produced from biomass by:
• Anaerobic oxygen free
• Fermentation tank
• Warm temperatures-30-40 degrees c
• Raw material organic wastes
• Organic molecules – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, leafy remains • Formation of acetic and ethanoic acid by cacogenic • Methanogenic bacteria
• Methane produced from reducing CO2 affected by detergents

3. Rhizoboium adds nitrogen to the soil whereas p.dentirificans releases nitrogen from the soil. Rhizoboium files nitrogen into nitrates ammonia living as a symbiotic in root nodules of leguminous plants whereas pseudomonas lives as a free-living bacteria.

a. Percentage of genes that have five or less exons in mammals is 47-49%. b. Distribution of the number of exons and the percentage of genes in D. melanogaster: • D. melanogaster has few genes with one exon

• Highest percentage has 2 exons
• Most gene have 5 or fewer exons
• Few genes have 10 genes
• Mammal genes contains more exons average
i. Yeast has most genes with only 1 exon while in mammals genes have more than 60 exons. Mammal genes contain more exons on average with a wider distribution than yeast....
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