Biology 107 - Test 4 Study Guide

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  • Published: December 13, 2012
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Sample Exam 4-Bio 107

1) The layer of the GI tract wall that is responsible for motility is the A) muscularis.
B) mucosa.
C) serosa.
D) submucosa.
E) None of the above are correct.
Answer: A

2) The process by which undigested material is removed from the gastrointestinal tract is A) secretion.
B) urination.
C) mechanical processing.
D) elimination.
E) absorption.
Answer: D

3) Once a bolus of food has been formed in the mouth, it is passed by the tongue and jaws to the A) esophagus.
B) stomach.
C) pharynx.
D) nasal passageway.
E) small intestine.
Answer: C

4) During swallowing,
A) the epiglottis bends to close the trachea.
B) smooth muscle in the esophagus contracts slightly.
C) the tongue flattens to the bottom of the mouth.
D) salivary secretions stop.
E) the hard palate rises to close the nasal passages.
Answer: A

5) Gastric juice in the stomach is composed of
A) HCL, fluids secreted from gastric glands, pepsinogen.
B) chyme, HCL, mucus
C) HCL, secretin, saliva
D) pepsinogen, secretin, serosa
E) fluids from gastric glands only
Answer: A

6) Bile is produced by the ________ and stored in the ________. A) liver, gall bladder
B) small intestine, liver
C) stomach, small intestine
D) gall bladder, liver
E) small intestine, gall bladder
Answer: A
7) In the small intestine, amino acids and monosaccharides are moved into the mucosal cells by the process of A) diffusion.
B) facilitated diffusion.
C) active transport.
D) endocytosis.
E) exocytosis.
Answer: C

8) The pancreas aids in the chemical digestion of food by
A) producing mucin that lubricates the small intestine.
B) releasing digestive enzymes and biocarbonate ions into the duodenum. C) producing chylomicrons.
D) producing and releasing gastrin into the stomach.
E) mechanically digesting the chyme as it leaves the stomach. Answer: B

9) An eating disorder in which someone diets excessively or deliberately stops eating altogether is...
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