Biology 101 Water Study Guide

Topics: Water, Energy, Molecule Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Emma Fried
10/16/11 UH III
AP Biology

Biology Textbook- Chapter 3-Water and the Fitness of the Environment (pages 41-51)

POLAR-The opposite ends of the molecule have opposite charges **attraction between polar molecules
**hydrogen bonding orders molecules into structural organization

Non-Polar-Substances that are hydrophobic/water fearing. They do not dissolve well and cannot bond. They share electrons perfectly, therefore have no difference in charge. Ex: oil, gum, wax, sand, plastic.

Adhesion-Something’s ability to stick to other molecules

Cohesion- The ability of the molecules to bond to themselves. (hydrogen sticks to the oxygen) Ex: penny test

Surface Tension-A measure of how difficult it is to break or stretch the surface of liquid. Water has a greater surface tension of most liquids

Vector-Transporter, “in transit” water is a vector for diseases

Cholera-parasite/deadly. Caused by a bacteria called Vibrio
(vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, majority of the people die in 7 days, rapid dehydration)

Hydrogen Bonds-Between molecules, NOT atoms, also the reason why water has a high/strong surface tension.

Heat of Vaporization-the quantity of heat a liquid must absorb for 1 g of it to be converted from the liquid to the gaseous state.

Evaporative Cooling- The faster molecules escape and become a gas and the slower/cooler molecules left behind, causing a cooling effect.

Specific Heat- A measurement of how well a substance resists changing its temp when absorbs or releases heat.

Heat-the measure of the total quantity of kinetic energy due to molecular motion in a body of matter.

Temperature- the measure of the intensity of heat due to the average kinetic energy of the molecules.
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