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Topics: Bacteria, Microbiology, Louis Pasteur Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: May 26, 2013
1.What is the difference between a bactericide and something that is bacteriostatic? Bactericidal- Drug that kills bacteria Bacteriosstatic- Drug that limits or slows the growth of bacteria a.What is a germicide?

An agent that kills germs, especially pathogenic microorganisms; a disinfectant. Explain the realm of microbiology and the type of organism, which one would expect to study. The realm of microbiology is the domain- Three domains, Bacteria Archaea, & Eukarya. What is a pathogen specifically? An agent that causes disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or fungus. b.Be able to describe the theories of biogenesis and abiogenesis. Biogenesis- The principle that living organisms develop only from other living organisms and not from nonliving matter. Abiogenesis- The supposed development of living organisms from nonliving matter. c.How do they relate to disease?

d.What are the contributions of Redi, Joblot, Needham, Pasteur, Lister, Leuwenhoek, and Koch? Redi-disproves spontaneous generation for the 1st time
Joblot- proved the law of biogenesis was true.
Pasteur- redefined the process of fermentation, proposed germ theory, discovered process of pasteurization (sterilization techniques) Lister-introduced antiseptic surgery by chemical (phenol)
Leuwenhoek- reports the 1st observation of bacteria & protoxoans. Koch- studied Anthrax bacterium and its transmission.
e.What are the postulates of the germ theory?
i.Postulate #1: the same microorganism must be present in every case of the disease ii.Postulate #2: the organism should be isolated from the tissues of the infected animal and grown in a pure culture iii.Postulate #3: the organism from the pure culture is inoculated into a healthy animal and the same disease should be reproduced iv.Postulate #4: the pathogen must be isolated from the experimental animal and shown to be the...
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