Bio 140l Lab 1 Report Exercise 1,2,3

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A&P Lab
Exercise 1
1.Discuss how to protect yourself from body fluids, such as saliva and blood.

You would protect yourself from other body fluids by first only working with your own body fluid. Second never allow body fluid to touch your skin. Always wear gloves and glasses when working with body fluids. Always assume that body fluids can infect you with a disease. Clean up body fluid spills with a 10% bleach solution/water and wear gloves when cleaning.

2.Why should you consider a body fluid capable of infecting you with a disease?

You should always consider it because it’s a good safeguard to practice when you’re working in a clinical setting where you may be responsible for handling body fluids from the general population.

3.Describe how to dispose of materials contaminated with body fluids.

You would dispose of materials contaminated with body fluids in the body fluid biohazard container.

4.Explain how to safely plug and unplug an electrical device.

You would safely unplug an electrical device by pulling on the plug and not the cord to pull it out.

5.Discuss how to protect yourself from preservatives used on biological specimens.

You would protect yourself from preservatives used on a biological specimen by wearing gloves and safety glasses. Do not shake the container or put the specimen back in the container.

6.Why are special biohazard containers used for biological waste?

Biohazard containers are used to separate infectious, contaminated or dangerous material from other materials that wouldn’t be labeled as such and to protect us and the environment. Also the disposing of biohazard material is done differently than normal material.

7.Explain how to clean up broken glass.

To clean up broken glass you would clean it up immediately and not use your hands but a broom and a dust pan and then placed in the sharps box.

8.First aid kit: on the left hand side of the front door
Nearest telephone: To the top right of the front door
Eye wash station: Right hand side of the front door next to the white board and next to all the sinks First exits: front and back door
Fire extinguisher: By front door and back door
Chemical spill kit: on top of the fire proof chemical storage container Fan switches: in the hut
Biohazard container: Well the sharps container and metals container is next to the fire proof chemical storage, but there is no biohazard container

9.Your instructor informs you that a chemical is not dangerous. How should you dispose of the chemical?

You would dispose of it by diluting it with water and then pour it down the drain.

10.What precautions should you take while using a centrifuge?

When using the centrifuge you should keep all loose hair, jewelry and clothing away from the instrument. Never open the safety lid when the centrifuge is on or spinning and do not attempt to stop it with your hand.

11.How are preservatives correctly discarded?

Preservative should be discarded in a central storage container maintained for that purpose and specimens should be placed in an absorbent material and then picked up by a hazardous waist company.

12.Discuss how to safely measure and mix chemicals.

You safely measure and mix chemicals by wearing gloves and using protective safety glasses. First pour solution from a large container into a smaller beaker and then into your glassware with the solution. To prevent contamination do not pour excess solution back into the container instead ask the instructor on proper disposing of the chemical. And when mixing always add a chemical to water never add water to the chemical.

Exercise 2

Define each directional term:
1.Anterior: front surface
2.Lateral: away from the body’s longitudinal axis
3.Proximal: toward an attached base
4.Ventral: the belly side
5.Posterior: the back surface
6.Medial: toward the body’s longitudinal axis
7.Distal: away from an attached base
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