Bio 101 Final Exam Questions/Answers

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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20 Questions since exam 2
30 Questions are Cumulative
15 Exam 1
15 Exam 2

* Natural selection
* Dogs Decoded
* More similar in looking like dogs
* Mutations
* Most are not beneficial
* Stabalizing, directional, and disruptive selection
* Post-zygotic Barrier
* Mules are sterile
* Population
* Same organism that live in the same area
* The smallest unit capable of evolving is the population * Similarity of embryos in fish, frogs, birds and human is because of common ancestry * Before Darwin, who already knew that organisms had heritable traits and they could change * Al of the farmers, breeders

* In the bideo about salamanders, it showed they might be undergoing what process? * Allopatric speciation (geographic barrier)
* Bed Bugs video osu researchers said they were resistance to poison * Not supported by Darwin
* Species are fixed and unchanging
* Which describes sympatric speciation
* Al alleles in a population make it
* Gene pool
* Lowest level of structure that can perform all activities for life * Cell
* Broad set of interconnecting proposals that are supported by extensive and varied evidence and provide a comprehensive explanation * Theory
* Species are 1 or not able to interbreed
* Reproductively isolated
* What pressure made preying mantis change color?
* Predators
* Not a theme of biology
* Some life forms are unrelated
* Which domains consist or prokaryotic?
* Bacteria and Archaea
* Which are homologous?
* Human forearm and monkey forearm
* Populations of herring gulls found along the northern shoreline around the arctic circle are * Ring species
* Which is true of mass extinctions?
* Tend to be followed by periods of adaptive radiation and proliferation of species * Feathers in birds appear to be first evolved for one use and now the are...
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