Billy Elliot

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Billy Elliot Scene Analysis
Scene Title and Description - Sound (Diegetic and non-diegetic) Movement 1. Opening titles: The song Cosmic Dancer hand places record by T-rex is heard as boy delicately on is jumping up and down. turntable, boy is seen The responder jumping up and down immediately assumes uncontrollably and that music plays an displaying a happy important role in this and carefree boy’s life. disposition. 2. A Disgrace in the Gloves - Setting (lighting and - Camera techniques - Text - Symbols - Quotes colour) - Costuming The boy is dressed in The frame remains still The title of the film Billy bright clothes, and the as the boy’s body moves Elliot appears on the background is a bright in and out of it. This is screen as the boy’s entire yellow wall paper. These revealing a sense of body re-enters the colours give the freedom this character, frame. The responder impression that and the idea that he may can now conclude that Billy is a symbol of hope not conform in his this boy is Billy and in and light in his world. stagnant world. fact the protagonist of the film. Repetition of “I was dancing” - when the music begins, - the sign about boxing is Billy’s boxing fight begins much larger then the also. This is the contrast dancing sign. Shows of ballet piano music the focus on masculine whilst he is in a boxing figures and the male ring. He beings to move dominance within the and stuff around (“not town. (boxing for boys, again” he does not have dancing for girls) a passion for boxing. - “your a disgrace to Comparison is that the them gloves, your vast difference between father and the tradition boxing and ballet; two of this boxing hall”. completely different George Watson (boxing worlds. coach) Link to Into the World a child’s freedom and naïve child with no worries or cares about the surround world The fun and joy of a kid jumping up and down on their bed. Represents the way of which a child is placed into the world as this innocent being. this scene is significant because it is building the framework of the complication. Examining Billy, he is growing up into a community that is centered around mining and boxing for men; a ridged patriarchal society. In this scene it represents the gender roles and expectations. It is an expectation that this is the world that Billy will stay in (defying gender roles)

3. The Ballet Class

- the choreography of Billy’s movement seeks to show his connection with the dancing world. - He moves to the timing kept by Mrs Wilkinson. - the use of the piano music has Billy visits his mothers grave is representative of the mood and seeks to create an emotional response; the sombre tone of the piano highlights the hardships that Billy faces with the recent loss of his mother (1 year) this is a new world and experience for him. - ‘Top hat, White tie’ Fred Astaire

Billy Elliott’s costuming of the boxing gear is juxtaposed to the ballet students. this highlights to us that Billy has not yet entered this world -

the placing of the - “fred Astaire was your - this scene shows Billy’s boxing bag serves as a mothers favorite dancer” displacement within the barrier which he needs - grandmother world as a boxer when his to over come, in order true love is really ballet. to fully enter and - Billy does not fit into this engage with the world reflection within the world of dance as a manly boxer, the way tracking shot of the he moves appears that Billy girls ballet shoes in is not comfortable about contrast to Billy’s being in the boxing world; boxing shoes; further confining himself within a reinforced by the use of world of which he does not a close up. belong....seeing the ballet - changing into the ballet class the dancers enables shoes at an eye level him to being to unlock that shot; symbolically inner want and need he showing that he is has hidden within him (his breaking away from his passion) for dancing/ballet. old existence. - this represents the first barrier/obstacle within...
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