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BIKASH reaches out to help children with disabilities and underprivileged women in the rural backwaters of Bankura district, West Bengal, India

The aim is simple, to develop the most vulnerable sections of society to achieve their full potential. Originally started as a special education centre for disabled children in this backward area, Bikash has expanded into field work to support children and women in outlying villages. Background

BIKASH, which means “development” in Bengali, was founded in 1996 by a group of social workers in Bankura, one of the most backward districts of West Bengal approximately 230km from Kolkata. A constant inspiration and guiding force behind its emergence had been the late Ms. Jane Webb, MBE an eminent social worker and founder of RCFC in Kolkata.

BIKASH began by addressing the issue of childhood disability which was a key need identified by the people of the area. In doing so, BIKASH was given technical help and support by the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata. In time, BIKASH realized that mere provision of rehabilitation services for challenged children wasn’t enough. To give these children the chance of a decent quality of life it would actually have to attack the root causes of the problem i.e. poverty, food insecurity etc. So, BIKASH decided to take a holistic approach to the issue and expanded its work into other sectors, namely Health & Nutrition and livelihood programme. The long term aim of BIKASH is to establish the rights of women and children within their communities and to enable them to gain access to a better quality of life.


To create an inclusive, gender just and rights based society, so that women and children, especially those in challenging circumstances, can develop their full potential and live without discrimination. Mission

To empower women and children to achieve their full potential by addressing their needs through socio-economic development programmes. Status of...
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