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  • Published : December 2, 2011
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Key Benefits and Positioning
It is in a company’s best interest to use key benefits to distinguish their products from their competitors by providing an innovative product or service by utilizing their marketing plan. In addition, product positioning is one of the essential elements in marketing that every company should be able to do properly in order to present a meaningful image in their consumer’s mind that is also a positive reflection of the company. Big Rock considers these elements when implementing their marketing plan and created their beers with simplicity and elegance. Key Benefits:

To set them apart from the competition, Big Rock has adopted different marketing strategies to improve as a company as well represent their company’s integrity and to overall reach their goals. The following are some of the key benefits that differentiate Big Rock’s Traditional Ale from their competitors. Distribution: Big Rock distributes their products across the nation in nine provinces and three territories in Canada and is also available in Korea. Traditional Ale is available in pubs, bars, and restaurants across Alberta on tap for a decent price attracting those that just want to enjoy an affordable premium beer on a night out with close friends. Draft Offering: Another advantage of offering Traditional Ale on draft allows visitors from other countries to try a product that has been brewed locally within the community. Many locals have the privilege to dine at Big Rock’s Grill where they can find the wide variety of ales and lager Big Rock has to offer. Local and Additive free: Big Rock takes great pride in serving beer made with local ingredients with no additives, preservatives or pasteurization that was targeted to a health conscious psychographic. Unlike most of the other beers, Traditional Ale provides consumers with a natural choice. Big Rock was one of the first beer breweries to start in Alberta and is titled as, “Canada’s leading craft brewer” (“Big...
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