Bible104 Week 3 Study Guide

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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BIBL 104
As you read this week’s textbook reading assignments, take notes in response to these questions and statements. This study guide will help you to prepare for your quiz. Harbin
Chapter 8
1. Why does the book of Numbers begin with a census?
It was directed by God, it gave a count of people and organized them (structure), a baisis to use for dividing the land, helped inpress with the great work of God’s sustenance
2. What is a Nazirite? set apart, no hair cut, no wine, touch nothing unclean 3. Why did the people refuse to go into the land after they reached Kadesh Barnea? Land was occupied by stong people with stong cities,which were fortified, & the majority saw no way to go up against the people living there.

4. What was Korah’s revolt?
Korah was power hungry, He questioned if Moses was hearing for God or not. 5. Why was Moses not allowed to enter the Promised Land?
He disobeyed. Instead of speaking to the rock to bring forth water, he struck it. 6. Who were Sihon and Og?
Sihon king of the amorites, Og – king of Bashan. Gadites, Reubenites, ½ tribe of Manasseh settled in their land.
7. Who were Balak and Balaam?
King; Balaama
man with a reputation for being able to curse or bless.
Had some sort of connection with God.
8. Why and how did the nation renew its covenant with God across the river from Jericho?
It made guidelines for future generations, established perpetual trust, had a succession of the mediator, to serve as illistrations of how the key principals were to work in every day life.
Chapter 9
1. What does the Hebrew word herem mean? Why did God place the Canaanites under this ban? Excommunication;
2. Describe the Canaanite religion. Biblically speaking, what was wrong with it? Extended hierarchy of gods. Ba’al was considered the greatest, when God Says to have no other gods.
3. Who was Rahab, and why is she important?
She was a prostitute who helped hide the two Hebrew spies

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