Beowulf Lesson 3

Topics: Beowulf, Grendel, Denmark Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Baylee Reuter
Mr. Johnson
Lesson 3 Beowulf A Beginning

After reading section one:
1. What role does Hrothgar play in the epic? From what we know so far, Hrothgar is a Danish King. Who/What is causing so much grief in Hrothgar’s kingdom? The monster Grendel and his attacks on innocent victims is causing the grief in Hrothgars kingdom.

3. How many years has this battle with Grendel been going on? What attempts have been made to rid the land of this beast? The battle with Grendel has been going on for twelve years. A few attempts have been made to rid the land, such as, going to heathen temples, worshipping idols and calling the Devil for help.

After reading section two:
1. What causes Beowulf to want to help Hrothgar? How does he get there, and how many men accompany him? What causes Beowulf to want to help Hrothgar is that he feels that is his responsibility in the Anglo-Saxon society to serve and guard the Danes and his lord. He was accompanied by fifteen men. 2. Why does Hrothgar’s soldier question Beowulf about his lineage? Why is this important to that time period? Hrothgars solider questions him because he wants to make sure that he isn’t a spy of any sort. This was important because during this time period not many came volunteering to kill large beasts. They just wanted to make sure. 3. Do you see any examples of alliteration or kennings? Please find at least one example of each. An alliteration can be used in the following lines the words: "waves, warriors, water, warriors, weapons."

on the waves under the cliffs
and the warriors stood at the prow
as the water wound against the sand.
The warriors bore
into the ship's bosom
bright weapons
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