Benefits of Internship

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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One of the highlighted part as a graduating college student was conducting On-the-job training or internship. This Training exposes us to the real environment of a certain organization. Thus, adjusting oneself and mingling others is a must to cope up with different standards and attitudes of every individual in a particular field of industry. In furtherance, OJT will be a bridge to enhance our skills in communication and technical activities that makes it a plus point the sooner we landed a job and help ease the culture shock while dealing with different specialized people of their expertise. May 30, 2012 was the date when I started my on the job training at The Nielsen Company, located at Edsa Mandaluyong City. It is an international publishing and information company that is active in the markets for consumer and professional information. In line with my course, I was assigned in IT Department of the Company. Our task has something to do with Networking and Troubleshooting. And as an OJT technical support, we also assemble lines and switches for local area networks (LAN), creating connections between several workstations by using cables and also wireless technology. We ensure the proper function of computer networks by making certain components are connected properly throughout the LAN/WAN infrastructure and by monitoring server deployment and security. We are also tasked to set up and configure computers. My first day as intern is not that easy, mixed with excitement and unexplainable fear, it is my first time to enter the reality of our chosen field. Since my schedule starts from 9:00 in the morning, I have to awake as early as 7:00 am. At first, it is a big challenge for me to wake up that early, but as the days goes by, I learned how to cope with that situation. At first, our supervisor oriented me on what to do and exposed to other employees as well. As the days pass by, I learned to adapt new things with this kind of environment. This was serve as a...
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