Beloved Last Chapters Summary

Topics: English-language films, Want, Black people Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Denver is talking with Paul D, when both are going to work.


“Well, if you want my opinion---” “I don´t” she said. “I have my own” Denver character developed to be more independent and optimistic as shown when “she heard about an afternoon job in the shirt factory” and when she “might go to Oberlin”. She is facing the outside world and fighting to succeed on it.

“…, down by the stream, and saw, cutting through the woods, a naked woman with fish for hair” (pg. 315)

Paul D narrates how his scapes had been unsuccessful, and how when “he got to Mobile he had seen more dead people than living ones”(pg.317) The role of black people during the war is showed through Paul D, some worked for both sides sometimes they were payed sometimes not and when the war came to an end and they were ”free” and he could have taken the main roads and stop hiding, “They saw twelve dead blacks in the first eighteen miles”(pg.317)

“In the place where once a shaft of sad red light had bathed him, locking him where he stood, is nothing”(pg.318) Paul D perceives that Beloved has gone, the baby´s ghost is gone.

“I think I might have lost my mother Paul D”(pg.314)
Sethe has no plans; she is just all day in Baby´s Bed. Maybe wanting to die there as Baby did.

“Sethe, me and you, we got more yesterday than anybody. We need some kind of tomorrow ”(pg.322)

Paul D suggest to stop focusing on the past and look in the future, not forgetting but becoming stronger with the past events as Denver did. Sooner or later the community, Sethe, Denver and Paul D will forget about beloved, how she died for her siblings

The language when Paul D enters the house is more descriptive, giving a peaceful and quiet atmosphere

If it wouldn´t be for beloved, Denver would continue being overprotected by Sethe, being dependent of her.

Beloved´s death gave freedom to Denver and the two brothers, and her second departure gave Denver the possibility and the courage to face the outside...
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