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Topics: Argumentative, Arguments, Sentence Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: February 17, 2013
8.7.1For each of the following, decide first if it is an argument, and then what the conclusion of each argument is.

1.Since “since” is a premise indicating word, every time you see it, you are looking at a premise of an argument.

2.“Meaning” and “since” are the same, for “since” has more than one meaning, and “meaning” does too.

3.The day after Commencement is always Mother’s Day, inasmuch as Commencement is always held on the second Saturday of May.

4.Painting is an art, but it’s also a boring chore, so art is a boring chore.

5.30 Rock is better than American Idol because it has real writers.

6.People who argue over reality TV shows deserve to have empty lives.

7.Obama has a better chance of winning since he’s taller and thinner.

8.Spiders have six legs, and inasmuch as all six-legged creatures have sleepnumber beds, spiders all have sleepnumber beds.

9.House has less of the gross bloodly stuff on it lately. They must have hired some new writers.

10.Since Tom loves Jane, and Jane loves Mark, and Mark has a crush on Sarie, Tom must have a crush on Sarie.

11.It’s after 11. It’s after your bedtime.

12.Using and mentioning words are quite different, but in spoken language the difference is obvious thanks to inflection and gesture, therefore in writing, something novel is needed to make the difference apparent.

13. “He couldn’t have been gone long; this IV is still pretty full.” –from Law and Order SVU May 13, 2008.

14. “Says he doesn’t watch it; then says he saw it once and that was enough –it was childish. Scalia’s a liar!” –From The Daily Show with Jon Stewart May 13 2008.

15. Michael and Jim are both gone from the office, so you’re going to have to take orders from Dwight or else go home early. –From The Office, May 8, 2008.

8.7.2For each of the following, make sure the use/ mention distinction is being correctly represented with the use of quotation marks.

1.And is not a...
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