Being Too Nice to People

Topics: Paradigm shift, Motivation, Natural environment Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: January 15, 2013


The key issues are as follows:
> Hawthorne Studies


The sub issue is:
> Paradigm Shift

Thus the case revolves around Hawthorne Studies and the Paradigm shift.


The Hawthorne Studies were conducted by Elton Mayo in the Hawthorne Plant of the Western Electric Company in Chicago between 1927 and 1932. These studies can be divided into three main phases

a) Test Room Studies
b) Interviewing Studies
c) Observation Studies

From the Hawthorne Studies, observers gained valuable insights into how individual behavior is influenced by group norms. The group of workers determined the level of fair output and established norms for individual work rates that conformed to the output. To enforce the group norms, workers used sarcasm, ridicule, and even physical force to influence individual behaviors that were not acceptable to the group. And that the worker was a “Social Man” and not an “Economic Man”.


The term “Paradigm” comes from the Greek word “Paradeigma” which means “a model, pattern or example”. This term was first introduced many years ago by Thomas Kuhn and is now used to mean a broad model, a framework, a way thinking, or a scheme of understanding reality. The present environmental changes like the advanced information technology, globalization and recognition or the management of diversity and ethics represent a paradigm shift. This shift is characterized by a new set of rules, new boundaries and more importantly, new behaviors that are a must for organizations and managers to be successful or even to survive.

Qno.1: How would you react to your father’s comments if you were Imran?

Ans: If I were Imran, I’ll tell my father that the world had changed. We are living in a world where more emphasis is laid on “Human Relations”. I’ll try to explain to him that there were certain points which the modern world managers should consider to increase...
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