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Behavior Expectations

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Behavior Expectations
LDR 531
April 9, 2012
Greta Zeimetz

Pink Interiors (PI) has secured a project renovating the interiors of a well-known luxury hotel chain that will take approximately one year to complete. In addition to the hotel rooms, the client is renovating the ballrooms, lobbies, and conference rooms. The organization has approximately 15,000 hotels worldwide and PI is responsible for the interior finishes, furniture, fabric selection, and lighting. The esthetics of the hotels is influenced by the culture of each location. Each hotel will have four different “styles” of rooms, all reflecting the same culture. This project will require assistance from three people from all five departments. This is the largest project PI has worked on since its inception. It is known that each department has their own style of executing their portion of projects, but this project is different. It is imperative that PI acts as a unit throughout this entire project. As a team, we must put our egos, personal feelings, and emotions aside. This feat can be accomplished through communication, respecting others and their opinions, and addressing disagreements immediately. The success of this project depends on the team’s effective communication with each other and organizational behavior. Upon completion of the project, Architectural Digest will feature the hotel chain in their “Hotels around the World,” upcoming issue. This type of exposure can catapult the firm to a global level. More notoriety means larger projects, which leads to larger bonuses for the entire staff. This is the project the firm needs that will allow everyone’s talent to be viewed in print globally. Let us form a strong united front and show the design industry that Pink Interiors is definitely a firm to know!

The Design Team and the Expectations
The Supremacy Team
The members selected for this team is aptly nicknamed, “The Supremacy Team” (ST). The members of ST were chosen...

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