Behavior Assessment: Hitler's Willing Executions

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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DISC Assignment
Hitler’s Willing Executions

Did the masses of “ordinary Germans” approve of the mass murder of Jews and act as willing participators in the Holocaust?

Participate: to be involved/take part
(if somebody doesn’t do anything to stop the action, he/she is still a participator)

Source/Author| Evidence & Interpretation|
A- Daniel Goldhagen B- R. J. Evans C- Christopher Browning D- D. Bankier E- I. Kershaw F- M. Housdon G- Joshua D. Franklin H- William L. Shirer J- Ian KershawN- German policeman O- member of SSP- Nazi party memberR- David BuffumT- Italian writer| YES-many of the German perpetrators knew explicitly that they had a choice not to kill, and that no German perpetrator was ever killed, sent to a concentration camp, jailed, or punished in any serious way for refusing to kill Jews. -It was possible for many perpetrators to avoid killing Jews-not a single German perpetrator was ever seriously punished for refusing to kill Jews (yet chose to destroy them anyway)-It has been the unspoken practice of so many scholars to all but ignore-Germans’ cruelty towards Jews was voluntary, widespread, sustained, incentive, and gleeful. Such gratuitous cruelty could have been produced only by people who approved of what they were doing-ordinary Germans degraded brutalized and killed Jews willingly because of their hatred of Jews-27% of those at the end of the war admit that they knew the extermination of Jews was taking place-Germans expressed different degrees of dissent to different policies yet virtually no dissent existed against the eliminationist persecution of the Jews-If Germans had been genuinely opposed, Hitler would have never been able to continue the murder mass-German perpetrators were like the perpetrators of other mass slaughters; the vast majority of them were willing executioners NO-old belief is made of abstract faceless structures and institutions greatly exaggerated -any people from any era with any...
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