Beginning a New Job

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Section 8.1 - Beginning a New Job

1. How can you prepare to have a good first day on the job?
Figure out how long it will take you to get ready for work. Then get up even earlier. Don’t make yourself more nervous by running late and then hurrying to get to your job on time.

2. What is a trick to try to help you remember people’s names? Repeat each person’s name out loud as you’re introduced. Then use the name again while talking to the person.

3. What is company culture?
The behavior, attitudes, values, and habits of the employees and owners that are unique to a particular company.

4. What is the company culture at your work?
At my job everyone is very friendly and they are also very polite. Their greatest value is, of course, the costumers.

5. If you are uncertain on what to wear to work for your first day, what should you do? When you show up for your interview, observe what other people are wearing.

6. What are 5 pointers for dressing for work?
Dress conservatively, avoid bright or garish colors and clothes that are faddish, keep jewelry simple and minimal, wear clean clothes and never wear clothes that are frayed and worn out.

7. What is an orientation?
A program that will introduce you to the company’s policies, procedures, values, and benefits.

8. What differences may you expect from small and large companies regarding your orientation? Small company’s orientation may be informal. You may simply meet with the office manager to talk about benefits, have lunch with your supervisor, and tour the workplace. Most large companies have more elaborate orientations. You may receive a company manual and attend formal orientation presentations.

9. What is a mentor?
Are informal teachers or guides who help new employees adjust to their new workplace.

10. What is reorientation?
Employers often...
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