Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Emily Dickinson

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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“Because I could not stop to death” is a poem of Emily Dickinson about the theme death. Poetically, Emily shows us how death can be soothing and comforting. Death from which everybody is afraid is being described as a happy reality in life and something blissful, comforting and relaxing. Emily describes death as a journey through different steps of life , it brings us to “immortality”. However the journey is filled with both sadness and happiness. According to Emily, death comes in a carriage which takes her away from the tiresome routine of her daily life. “And I had put it away… my labor and my leisure too…” Here, death is also described as an escape from the world, an escape from her daily stress, problems, pain and other cruel realities. Death, for her brings peace, quietness, relaxation and happiness to her. However, during her journey, she also describes the pleasant side of life “…where children strove …at recess- in the ring”. She purposefully uses the word “children” and “recession” as children represents happiness and innocence, they possess all the qualities which makes life pleasant and recess is the time where we escape all hardworks and hard times, it is a time where we are free, where there is no obligation. Both are far from the cruelties of life, far from the bitter side of life, “ we passed the setting sun”, after the sun has set, night falls, there is darkness. Darkness will fall around and invades all the painful side of life. Emily uses these words to show us the similarities of death . In the fifth stanza, “ we paused before a house”, the word “house” is a metaphore of tomb.the tomb to her final destination. It is there that the poet will find her ultimate happiness.