Beauty and the Beast Review

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Beauty and the Beast Review

By | November 2012
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Mrs. McCrea
Drama 2
24 May 2012
Beauty and the Beast
* Beauty and the Beast
* Book: Linda Woolverton
* Lyrics: Howard Ashman ,Tim Rice
* Music: Alan Menken
* Stephanie McCrea
* Evergreen Theater Department
* May 3rd,4th,5th,11th, and 12th
The Musical Beauty and the Beast has enchanted audiences since its opening in 1994. This Disney musical is by far on of its most popular and in the year of 2012 Evergreen took a stab at this beautiful masterpiece. As an actor I may be very bias in my opinion, but I feel that Evergreen brought all the magic that this show has to offer. This musical presents three recurring themes: man vs. man, man vs. himself, and man vs. supernatural. With the most common theme, man vs. man we see that one of the main protagonists in the musical is in conflict with the antagonist Gaston. The Beast is unwittingly raging a battle against Gaston throughout the musical by trying to win Belle over. This conflict comes to a climax during the battle in the rose tower when Gaston attempts to get his revenge, but in turn loses his life. The second theme man vs. himself is present with the Beast. Throughout the play the beast struggles with his personality conflict. The Beast was very selfish, egotistical, and quick tempered and throughout the musical the beast attempts to overcome these flaws. The final theme is man vs. supernatural. The prince being selfish casts out an old beggar lady who in turn enchants him into a gruesome beast. The beast must fight this supernatural curse throughout the entire play. The overall mood of Beauty and the Beast varies depending on the scene. All most every scene with the beast is a very depressing scene. Some examples are the beast taking Maurice to the dungeon, the beast trading Belle and Maurice, the beast attempting to get Belle to come to dinner, The beast letting Belle go, etc. etc. However there are many lighthearted and funny moment’s throughout the musical. The main points...

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