Bcom/275 Week Four Individual Assignment

Topics: Safety, Accident, Occupational safety and health Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Week Four Individual Assignment
To: The Family of the Trapped Mines
It is with great regret, and deepest sorrow that I announce to you today, August 5, 2010, the collapsing of our Copper mine in Copiapó trapping our family members far below the surface. At this moment we are not aware of their fate, or location, and we are making every effort possible to rescue your loved ones, and bring them back safely. We have contacted our Mining Minister Laurence Golborne to assist us with the rescue efforts. President Sebastian Pinera is also aware of this tragic accident. Our rescue workers’ current main objective is to locate your loved ones as quickly as possible, and determine how many may be critically injured. We intend to drill five inch bore-holes in diameter to help find the location of your family members. After we locate your family we will make an attempt to provide food, water, and medical supplies to help sustain their health. In order to best understand the circumstances your brave family members are in we will provide you a face-to-face discussion with every manager, rescue worker, and public official that is involved in this horrific accident, and members from the rescue effort. I expect serious concerns, a wide array of emotions, and tempered anger. As the owner of Compania Minera San Esteban Primera, I take full responsibility for the events of today. Please believe that the health and safety of my employees is my main concern. I will exhaust all options, and resources to help bring back to safety our beloved employees. I have also arranged professional grief counselors to be on-site, and provide comfort wherever they believe they may be of assistance. The effort to retrieve our loved ones will be enormous, and unwavering. We ask that you remain as calm as possible, and trust that we can rescue your brave family members. We will provide real-time updates, and access to any information you would like. In the event that we locate your family...
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