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This company came into being in year 1894 .The T.&A. Bata Shoe Company is registered in Zlin, Czechoslovakia by the siblings Tomas, Anna and Anton in Bata. Innovative from the beginning it departs from century old traditions of the one-man cobblers’ workshop. BATA TODAY:

“To grow as a dynamic, innovative and market driven domesticmanufacturer and distributor, with footwear as our corebusiness, while maintaining a commitment to the country,culture and environment in which we operate 

Bata is one of the world leading footwear retailer and manufacturer with operations across 5 continents managed by 4 regional meaningful business units (MBUs). The MBU approach provides quality resources and support in key areas to the companies operating in similar markets such as product development, sourcing or marketing support. Although Bata operates in a wide variety of markets, climates and buying power Bata companies share the same leadership points. Two important ones are product concept development and constant improvement of business processes in order to offer customers great value and the best possible service. VISION 

“To grow as a dynamic, innovative and market driven domestic manufacturer and distributor, with footwear as our core business, while maintaining a commitment to the country, culture and environment in which we operate 

* “To be successful as the most dynamic, flexible and marketresponsive organization, with footwear as its core business 


Batapur came into being in 1942 at distance on 18 km. from Lahore with due entrepreneurial dynamism it expanded and grew by leaps and bounds presently claiming to be the largest shoe manufacturing unit in Pakistan. Bata Pakistan comprises three divisions: PRODUCTION, MARKETING AND ADMINISTRATION Bata Pakistan limited having60:40% foreign and local shareholdings respectively. Bata equips with sophisticated technological and business skills, provides direct employment to about 2,792 people. Bata Pakistan is producing more than 14.0 million pairs of Rubber& Canvas, Leather and Plastic footwear annually in two production units at Batapur and Maraka. Bata is selling more than 17.0 million pairs of Rubber, Leather and plastic footwear annually. Own stores 245Agencies 83 K. type (Associates) 26 Bubble gummers 1222.Wholesale Depots 1133.Distributors / Mini Distributors 14. BRANDS OF BATA




Bata has managed to keep its pricing competitive and attractive for its customers. It has products for every foot and every social class to suit every member of the family. Brand’s strategy of pricing shoes at Rs 499 rather than Rs 500 has got a lot to do with consumer psychology. Customers believe that an odd-price is indicative of a low or fair price and a price of 99.99 is viewed as less than 100 – and is therefore more attractive. It is a pricing strategy that helps create a positive psychological impact on buyers and attempts them to purchase a product.

TAG LINE: Bata taglines meant for individual products are the key components of advertising. These...
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