Basic Research

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Basic research 301
Module I: An Introduction to Research
What is research?
Research is a systematic study of anything under the scene which a research tries to further investigate to find out more a lot that particular thing or reconfirm the already known facts. For e.g.:- some laws and theories have become a universally truth yet a researcher may once again look into the validity or the truth. Such as Newton’s law of gravitation is a well-known fact yet a physicist may yet again and again over the generation may reinvestigate this law and try to establish any variation in it or reconfirm the same law. The generation old laws can be challenged with the present sophisticated technology and equipment which were not available same centuries ago. Similarly one of the most controversial theories that keys being discussed and experiment is Darwin’s theory of revolution. Types of research:

1. Research can be divided into two types:-
* Basic research
* Applied research
Basic research:-
Basic research is that research which is done for the sake of knowledge and for academic purposes such as M.Phil, P.HD degree. This is also known as Pure Research. The researcher under take this type of research to quench (to fulfill) the thirst of knowledge about a particular topic or a thing. This research is usually motivated by a person, passion for knowledge sake. The individuals who undertake such research are usually scientists or scholars or academicians who many-a-time devote their lives o research a particular subject. Applied research:-

Applied is that research which is done with a commercial angle. The very idea of undertaking such a research is that it would have some use for a particular business and making profit out of it. Thus all the research done in the pharmaceutical industry, automobile and all industrial research comes under this category. The reason being the result of such research is directly applied to make a particular product which has a commercial viability (scope). So applied research is always market oriented and any where during the process of research if the researcher feels that this research may not lead to making profit or his un-economic form the market point of view than the project is left in the mid-way.

2. Research can also be classified as :-
* Qualitative research
* Quantitative Research
Qualitative research:-
Qualitative research is normally done in subject like literature, philosophy etc where the researcher is mostly confine to libraries doing lot of readings, going through records and documents and relative references. This research is mostly theoretical and can also be investigative. Quantitative research:-

Quantitative is also known as empirical which involves lot of data specially the numerical data. All scientific researches come under this category as they involve data collection through various experiments. Even though most of the research starts as basic research except for those projects which are under taken with the sole purposes of making profits, Viz. marketing oriented research. However every research despite done purely for the sake of knowledge even for personal gratification it can also has a potential for becoming applied research even after centuries. Action research:-

Action research is that research which involves finding out solution to day to day problems such as subject related to health, hygiene, consumerism, even various religious rituals .this research undertaken as a quick. 5 solutions which does not involve elaborate Lab work or library readings. This is very action oriented research which looks for immediate solutions to the problem rather than any sort of detail academic work. Operational research:-

It is one of the latest categories of research which has emerged with the growing economics of the advanced countries followed by those of the Asian Tigers viz. Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea. Following these the other nation...
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