Barcelona: Past and Present

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Usages of Barcelona (1076)

Catalan “bill of rights
* First citizens “charter” in Europe
* All “burhers” or citizens (not Serfs) on equal legal footing with feudal nobility * Disputes sorted by negotiation, not decided by a higher (feudal) authority. * Rise of the Bourgeoisie

* From French Burgeis – ‘of a walled town’
* Artisans, traders
* Outside Feudal system
* Rival Crown and Church for power in Barcelona
* Organized into trade associations – guilds
* Try to destroy feudal restrictions on trade
* 10/18/2012
* Last throw of the old city – placa reaial near las ramblas * -Designed to replace monastery santa madrona ; burnt in anti church rioting in 1835 *
* MID TERM REVIEW me 12 60 % short answer definitions of basic concepts 40% 4 essay questions but choose 2.

* 1. Why the Romans founded Barcino
Wanted to conquer entire Iberian peninsula. City on the way to more important city’s like Rome. Important to get to trade centers. * 2. layout of barcino
Started as country side near port (opidum) had 2-3 thousand ppl Maximums (the streets)
4 gates (every street was grid lay out)
Forum, aqueduct, the walls. Excavated areas
Near the port
Sewer system set up
* 3. visigoths and moors – who and when?
Visigoths were Germanic tribe of northern Europe (Christians) Invaded in 415 stayed till 725.
Lacked rule and order and city started declining.
Called area Hispania
(Moors) 1712 muslim invaded from north Africa and took over and renamed Hispania ,al andaluz. Charlemane pushed them back out. * 4. the marca Hispanica and Guifre el Pelo (Wilfred the harry) Marca hispanica was buffer zone created by Charlemagne known as Catalonia. (strategic position to keep Muslims away) Wilfred the harry (united all areas and created Catalonia officially) * 5. Romanesque architecture – key features

Semi circular arches
Really thick walls looks sturdy
Smaller windows
Imitation of roman started around 8th and ended in 12 centuries ended by gothic. First style after classical architecture. * 6. Catalonia and Barcelona AD 1000 – a separate state? After moors attacked Barcelona in 985 the king of catalonia asked charlomagne for backup and gets denied. This means the feudal code has been broken. Barcelona gets declared its own state and had its own capital, language, culture, founding myth. * 7. Catalan Gothic architecture – key features

Single spaces wide rather than high
More walls than windows
Diaphragm arch construction
Flying buttreses
Ribbed vaults
* 8. Feudalism and ‘bourgeois’ merchants
Set of legal and military obligations
Between 9th and 15th centuries
Revolved around land and goods for services called FIFE
King, barrons, lords. Serfs.
Not in the city*
* 9. how did the guilds organize and control production?
Each guild had certain type of production
Production was really high quality
Guild is a family or group of ppl that produce specific things Compare to union.
Street names
* 10. when and where were the medieval walls built?
As the city grows outside the roman walls
13th century medieval walls are built
14th century other walls built outside closing off the area
* 11. Jaume 1 and the Catalan empire
important figure in development of Catalan culture sponsor of literature. Founded the governing figure of Catalan trade.
Famous for book of deeds
* 12. Generalitat and Consell de Cent: what were they?
Consell de Cent – government institution established in 13th century and lasted until 18th century. Municipal council ran by leading citizens. After taking sicily in 1283 a parliament genralitat was found. Generalitat – chief governing institution of Catalonia after the monarch in the late middle ages. 13. Compromise of casp and the decadencia – what and importance

14. Barcelona and the war of Spanish Succession
rumors of spain unifying with france and...
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