Bank of England eal and nominal forward rates

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  • Published: August 13, 2014
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Emma Black: Semester One
Section A (40 marks)
a) The Law of One Price states that identical goods and services should trade at the same price in all locations. Briefly discuss why this is the case. Suppose you are the manager of a large multinational corporation that trades internationally in the sale of oil. Let PUSD and PEUR be the price of oil in the US and Europe respectively. If S0(USD/EUR) = 4, then what will be the price of oil in Europe if LOOP holds and it trades in the US for $50 a barrel? Explains the barriers to why this may not hold

(10 marks)
Source: Lecture 2 - Law of One Price
The Law of One Price states that identical goods and services should trade at the same price in all locations due to the presence of an exploitable arbitrage opportunity if this were not to hold.
Consider a car selling in Germany for €20,000. If the Euro to GBP exchange rate was 2:1 then the car should theoretically sell in the UK for half the price at £10,000. Lets say that the car was trading in the UK for £12,000. What would this mean? This would indicate that the car was more expensive to buy in the UK that in Germany. Buyers should therefore buy the car in Germany rather than the UK and save £2,000. This action would place price pressure onto the UK price, as a fall in the demand in the UK would lower the selling price if we assume that supply would be held constant. Simultaneously, the extra demand for buying the car in Germany would see the German price slightly adjust up-over. This would continue until there was no exploitable opportunity still present and the two prices equated. To find out what price oil should trade at in Europe for the LOOP to hold in the question, we can use the formulae:

We use the second formula and we find oil should trade at:
PEUR = 50 / 4 (USD/EUR) = €12.50 per barrel
We can check using the first formula:
PUSD = 12.50 x 4 USD/EUR) = $50 per...
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