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By | October 2012
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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Medical Science 2 Course

Dr. Khalid A. Yarouf


his compendium is the 3rd update of the “Summary of Medically Important Bacteria and Fungi”, which contain concise and focused information. I wrote it 5 years ago when I was a 3rd-year medical student doing what used to be called IBMS (Integrated Biomedical Sciences) course; now MSC (Medical Science Course). It is intended to act as a revision assuming you already read Bacteriology. Explore the ‘world’ of bacteria and fungi. Take the challenge, and solve the questions included. This will give you some idea on what you might be tested on, and you will know your weaknesses as well. I would like to thank medical students for their suggestions to improve this work. You are more than welcome for any suggestions or corrections for this compendium. Feel free to edit it using Microsoft Word to suit your needs. Last but not least, I wish all the best to my junior colleagues.

Dr. Khalid A. Yarouf.
Intern, 2002/03


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|Lactose fermenter |Non lactose fermenter | |E. coli |Pseudomonas | |Klebsiella |Shigella*...

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