Babylon Revisited Summary

Topics: Alcoholism, A Good Man Is Hard to Find Pages: 4 (941 words) Published: June 7, 2012

Name:Trisye Bala
Final paper, analyzing
Short story:

Babylon Revisited
By:F.Scott Fitzgerald,1931

The Babylon revisited is a story about Charlie who wants to take Honoria, his child. At the story, Charlie is a success businessman. After he has a lot of money, he go to Paris to use the money with only have thinking happy. He drunk all time, drunk and made himself be dependence with alcohol. What have he done causing his wife death and the money was lost only by few years. He falldown in griefness. Bur after that, he want to pay back all. He recover from alcohol and become a success man again in Prague. He want to move her child to him from Marion.

“Life better now and the best planning for the future by the act bad in past”. When we see Charlie’s live, he is a “change man”. At the past, he’s a succesfull man. After have much money, he chose to goes to Paris. He and Helen throwing all money. Charlie have drink. Only by many years he lost everything. He act causing his wife death. No more drink and lost her guardian for Honoria. He was in dependence alcohol. In the next, he conscious that and tried to change his live again, also because Honoria. He recover himself from his alcohol dependence for a long time and for earnest Marion. This is his best act. From the story “Babylon Revisited”, after he had downfall, he rise and we see his success again Prague. This is also the best from him. Best change was he done. Lost the important things of his life, wife and child, make Charlie is a reform man although he always haunted by the past, but that what made change him. His dependence in past not made him still in bad surroundings and try to pay all that. It not made he down more.

Charlie Wales
-Is a good man in businesses.
Charlie is an entrepreneur in America and next in Prague. But he is bad man in manner something. He easy to using money without thinking for the future and throw it easy with his...
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