Baby on the Cliff

Topics: Bioethics, Ethics, Medicine Pages: 6 (1475 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Bioethics – PHI320/BIO312
Fall 2012

Instructor: Professor McGregor
Coor 354; Office hours T TH 3-4:30 and by appointment
480 965-5028
TAs: Michael Elmer and Bethany Elias Jenner
Class times: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-12 Coor L1-74
Required Text: Mappes, T. A. and D. DeGrazia (eds). 2005. Biomedical Ethics, 7th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Other readings will be posted on the Blackboard site for this course -------------------------------------------------

Description: After an introduction to the normative foundations of bioethics, this course explores selected ethical issues in medicine, the bio-sciences, and society including such issues as euthanasia, stem cell research, genetic engineering, artificial reproductive technology, informed consent and research ethics. Through lectures, readings, and discussions, this course will provide the background needed to evaluate such ethical issues including the interactions that occur between patients and health care providers and between medical research and society. Upon the successful completion of the course, a student should be able to: * Understand basic ethical decision-making procedures including the main tenants of consequentialist and deontological theories * Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the analysis of beliefs, theories, and argument * Exhibit an understanding of current bioethical issues and the role ethical theories or the principles of bioethics play in analyzing such issues * Compose short analyses that critically examine bioethical issues * Develop the ability to appreciate the multidisciplinary aspect of bioethics * Analyze new developments in health care as they arise

Grading Procedures and Course Requirements:
I. There are two required exams in this class. Each exam is worth 25 points. II. Two short critical papers are required. The critical papers are on the reading assignments. The first is due no later than 10/2 and the second one is due no later than 11/20. Each is worth 7 points. III. A class group presentation is worth 14 points.

IV. Short assignments, attendance, and participation in class, are worth 10 points. We will do group activities in class at least twice this semester. V. Discussion board on Blackboard: Students are required to make 10 substantive posts on the BB discussion board. Students should check Blackboard at least twice a week. The instructor and teaching assistant will observe online discussion, and intervene only when needed. 10 points. VI. Students are required to attend one approved public lecture on a bioethics related topic and submit a short write up worth 2 point. A student’s grade is based on 100 possible points for this course. The essential requirements for this course are reading, active participation, and attendance. Students need to come to class on a regular basis prepared to ask and answer questions and to intelligently discuss the readings and the issues. In order to do this, students must complete the reading assignments, listed below, before the class for which they are scheduled for discussion. Your focus while reading should be on understanding and evaluating the arguments the authors offer in defense of their views instead of simply memorizing the views themselves. Similarly, when you are asked to present your own views, you will be expected to defend them with arguments. Policy on Late Work: I do not allow students to take exams or turn in late assignments unless they have a documented personal or medical emergency. If such a case arises, please notify the instructor beforehand to make the appropriate...
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