Aviation High School Parent Questionnaire

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Since Daniel was very young, he has always had an interest in how and why things work. Throughout his life, he has had some great opportunities to not only build on this curiosity, but also to gain other skills. Daniels recent excitement in Aviation High School is the latest example and hopefully opportunity to build on his interests.

Daniel has been very active in Boy Scouts. He currently holds the leadership position of Patrol leader where he is in charge of a group of about 8 other scouts. This has built a strong leadership trait in Daniel and provided him many opportunities to grow as an individual. He has been able to camp, hike, canoe, and enjoy the outdoors while experiencing a strong team environment.

We also have had many great adventures as a family which have influenced Daniel. I travel for work quite frequently and have to pleasure of sharing it with my family occasionally. This has allowed Daniel to visit many different areas and experience living and exploring those areas. Along with Daniels general interest in things, these trips have sparked new curiosities and allowed him to investigate his current ones.

Though not intentional, Daniel has also moved schools during elementary twice. This has forced Daniel to start fresh with no friends and in a new environment. Daniel has excelled in this, and has developed great skills for meeting new friends and taking advantage of new opportunities. Now, Daniel does not hesitate going into a situation where he doesn’t know anyone.

As a parent I am very proud of the person my son has developed into, and am extremely excited to watch as he continues his grows. I want to provide him with the best experiences and atmosphere to do this. Daniels interest in attending Aviation High School matches my goal to provide this to him.
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