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Simplest…….. Q

East Bengal V/s Manchester United,
match organized on Monday(Just day after).
Fan across world are expected.
Tickets available are 20,000, which have to be
sold, but selling them over the counter is ruled
out because of much less time available
• What now?

1) IT enabled services improve the effectiveness
and efficiency of businesses in comparison
with non-it enabled ones. Discuss.
2. IT involvement in BPOs is very important. Do
you feel “There is no BPO without IT”? Justify
your views.
3)In what major ways have IS in business
changed during the last 20 years? What is the
major change you think will happen in the
next 10 years?

4) Peter Black ,the marketing manager of West
star Inc. plans to have a marketing IS in the
organisation. How would he go about
improving the existing system?
5) How can Internet technologies help a
business form strategic alliance with its
customers, suppliers and others?
5a) Why is there a trend towards cross
functional Integrated enterprise systems in

6. If personalizing a customer’s website
experience is a key success factor, then
electronic profiling processes to track visitor
website behavior are necessary. Do you agree
or disagree with this statement?
7.Trendz Inc. is a retail company which plans
to have an online presence. Explain the
process of Web store development

8)Information systems play strategic roles to
improve company’s competitive position.
Identify the strategic roles of information
systems that can give an organization
competitive advantage.
9) XYZ Inc. has a very effective information
systems. However, to keep the data secure,
the security controls of IS in the company are
very essential. What are the major types of
controls that are needed to ensure the
security of IS in XYZ. Inc?

10) Neglecting the ethical dimensions of IT can
have an effect on the functioning of a
business. Explain in brief the ethical and social
dimensions of IT.
11) The regional director of a marketing
company wants to have an emergency meeting
with all his sales team members and to show
them a new protocol developed by the
competitor. But all are at far-away places on
sales assignments. Suggest how a suitable
technology based method helps him.

• Marketing Managers of a manufacturing firm are
planning to increase the sales this year at any
cost and they are supposed to prepare a proposal
to show the management saying, what-if they
increase the advertisement budget this year by
10%, 20% and 30% over the last year’s budget.
• Suggest a suitable Information system which
helps them in their What-if analysis and

• Japan is planning host a football tournament,
surprisingly for ROBOTS to showcase their
technological supremacy.
• What branch of computer science will help
them in designing the ROBOTS to play the
game? Comment.

• A logistics company want to provide up-to date
information to their clients about their shipment
regarding their place or location, movement, and
time of arrival at the destination, at any point of
time the clients want to know about, in order to
have a satisfied customer base.
• Suggest what technology they should adopt to
continuously track the shipments and how can
they achieve their goal.

• Company ABC is planning to do all business
activities including collaboration with all stake
holders using the telecommunication network
while, company XYZ is planning to do only
sales transactions using the same
telecommunication network.
• Identify the technologies each of the firms are
planning for and differentiate between them.

• Business organizations want to purchase a software
package which helps them to go global for all their
needs including market reach, interaction with
customers and sales across the globe with better
efficiency. The vendor companies...
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